Looking for a home cooked meal?

The best food in Sweet Springs is waiting for you.

Just like grandma used to make...

Sherri Lynn's Diner is a labor of love owned and operated by Sweet Springs local Melissa Evans. Named after her beloved sister, who tragically died in a car accident near home, Sherri Lynn's Diner has become a community staple for good food with a home cooked feel. Melissa's passion for cooking and delivering wonderful dishes is what really makes Sherri Lynn's Diner shine. Every meal is cooked with love and proper attention to detail just the way Melissa's mother and grandmother taught her.

Delivery to some local areas and pickup orders are availble daily by phone, or stop in and sit down today for a fantastic meal. Daily specials can be found on this website as well as on the local Sweet Springs Community Facebook pages.
Sherri Lynn's Diner

Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday

@ 9:00am - 7:00pm


@ 8:00am - 2:00pm


106 W. Hwy 40
South from I-70 Overpass
Sweet Springs, MO 65351
+1 (660) 515-5070